All ducks together footer no background (2021-02-23)


As in previous years, we are now inviting you and your children to take part in the event.

We totally understand that the current pandemic puts immense pressure on your resources, but we sincerely hope that you will manage to find the time to get involved.


Normally we would be asking you to make duck related models and artwork which would then be displayed in local shop windows, with the public invited to vote online for the winners.

This year we are inviting you to create artwork using the Totally Quackers theme, which will then be displayed and voted for on via our website. We will also be asking, when permitted, local shops to display printed versions of this artwork to help bring some colour and life back into the town and neighbouring parishes.

We want children to use their imagination with their artwork; what adventures might our character ducks may get up to, either individually or as a group? Children can, if they wish, introduce their own character ducks. Be Totally Quackers and bring some fun to these troubled times!

Once your artwork is completed you can either submit it as a collective storyboard/collage you can submit the artwork as individual submissions and we will make it into a story board/collage for you.  We will also print and display it for you.

All we ask is that, in order to make voting a fair process, your entries DO NOT identify your school/nursery.

You can submit as many entries as you wish.


It is anticipated that the local press and media will once again want to do a feature about the duck races and the entries to the various competitions.

By submitting any photographs, video clips, film or artwork you are giving permission for them to be used on our website, our social media pages and by the press.


Whilst we hope the children will get immense enjoyment from taking part and that you will benefit from the positive publicity, we know that prizes are also a welcome bonus.

The artwork competition entries will be divided up into two categories. (Under 7s and ages 7 – 11). The winners of each category will receive a £100 cash prize plus all entries will receive a certificate of commendation for display.


If you have any queries or questions about entering the various competitions please contact one of our two schools competitions coordinators.

Email them by clicking here


As you may know, the Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge has awarded grants in the past to most of the schools in the area. If you feel that your children will benefit from an additional grant then please do not hesitate to submit an application following the guidance given on our website


One of the opportunities of being a completely online event this year is that we can show all manner of contributions on our website and social media

So we are inviting Totally Quackers related photographs and video clips which we will feature online, with the best photograph and best video clip chosen on race day winning a mystery prize.

Whilst we will also be throwing this invitation open to the public, we would like you to consider entering as a school and to encourage individual pupil entries.

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