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One of the opportunities of being a completely online event this year is that we can show all manner of contributions on our website and social media.

So we are inviting schools and individual members of the public to enter Totally Quackers related photographs and video clips, the best of which will be featured online on race day.  Each entry featured on race day will win a mystery prize.


To enter, just think Totally Quackers and then design and make a Totally Quackers duck in any material or format you choose that represents the Totally Quackers theme, take a photo of it and upload it our web site.

Details of picture formats and how to upload to follow


Want to stage and film your own Totally Quackers duck race?

Again, use your imagination and bring the Totally Quackers ducks to life in a video clip or an animation.  From swirling round a bath or bowl, to falling from a height, being blown with straws across the grass, to sliding down the stairs! Come up with an idea, choose your best ten second clip and send it to us.

Details of video formats and how to upload to follow


All entries must be completed and submitted to us by Monday 22 March 2021.


All entries to the photograph and video clip competition will be featured online and all will receive certificates of commendation.

The best entries, as judged by our panel of experts, will be featured as part of the duck race presentation on Easter Monday and receive sponsored mystery prizes.  Further details of prizes will be revealed prior to duck race day.


It is anticipated that the local press and media will once again want to do a feature about the duck races and the entries to the various competitions.

By submitting any photographs, video clips, film or artwork you are giving permission for them to be used on our website, our social media pages and by the press.